Beast Clothing is an ethical clothing brand with a social focus. Our social goal is to help local communities get involved in fitness. Our business will be based around a one-for-one business model. Our social enterprise will operate like so; whenever a purchase is made through our online store we will be donating a piece of sporting equipment to those in need around local communities, these local communities could range from anything such as playgroups, schools, charities and community groups. We’ll be encouraging people to get involved and help us choose groups within local communities that we’ll be donating sporting equipment to. If you click the links below you’ll get a better insight into how Beast Clothing give back to local communities, the Beast Clothing shipping and returns policies and how you can get involved with the brand.




We’d like to finish this section of by asking you to help us grow Beast Clothing and help us help local communities. you don’t even have to buy Beast Clothing fitness clothes to do so, you can help us simply by following our social media pages, sharing our content, reading our blogs! Anything you can do to help the Beast Clothing social enterprise grow we’ll be grateful for. Our clothing brand will be a breath of fresh air in the fitness fashion industry. We’re very unique with our business model and we’re very ethical compared to other clothing companies in general. The idea to grow an ethical fitness brand was inspired by Toms®, the way that Toms® are able to help change lives through their social business model was an inspiration to create Beast Clothing. I’ll ask you a question, try and name a few ethical fashion brands? Now something even harder, try and name some ethical fitness clothing brands? This is the reason why Beast Clothing was born. We wanted to create a fitness fashion brand with a social focus we wanted to create a brand that helped people and gave something back to local communities.