Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther workout

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Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman is the Black Panther in the newest Marvel blockbuster coming in 2018. The Black Panther is set to be an amazing movie with star Chadwick Boseman taking the lead role. The film was said to be a physical drain on Chadwick Boseman due to the amount of amazing stunts and fight scenes throughout the movie. This is why the Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther workout is set to be an amazing. The core components of the Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther workout is a mix of cardio, weights, body conditioning and mma style training.

What are the results of the workout?

The results of Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther workout speak for themselves, if we take a look at the fantastic display of physical prowess in the trailer alone we can see how amazing the workout has been.

The movie looks amazing and so does the star. Chadwick Boseman is in fantastic shape to play the Black Panther and rightly so.

The Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther workout

The workout below is an example of what Chadwick would have been doing on a weekly basis. The workout isn’t an exact replicate of Chadwick’s black panther workout however through our own research and dedication to fitness knowledge we’ve devised how to get in excellent physical shape like the Black Panther.

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Day One and Four

In the morning before you start your day get up an extra bit earlier and start the day of with a light jog. This will wake you up and set you in a good mode for the reminder of the day and also kicks start your body into burning away at that pesky stubborn fat. Whenever you return from your jog eat some food and continue your day as usual. Once you get home from work, college or whatever you do throughout the day get ready to hit the gym. The first routine is going to be focused on working with your body weight and core:

  • Stretch

These workouts to follow are completed in Super-sets (completed without stopping)

  • Body Pull-ups (weighted if you can) 15 reps
  • Body Dips(weighted if you can) 15 Reps
  • Push ups 25 reps

Repeat this workout between 4-8 times with little rest.

  • Burpees 15 reps x 5
  • Lunges with dumbbells x 15 (weight depends on personal strength… test yourself.)
  • Planking (60 seconds) + side planking (45 seconds each side) x 10

If you don’t feel the burn repeat the entire workout again.

  • 10-15 Minute walk on treadmill with incline set high
  • Stretch

Before you go to bed you’re going to head out for a high intensity mix of sprinting and walking. This enables you to use bursts of energy and helps to burn fat and get healthy.

Day Two

Today will be focused on Strength and getting the best results out of your body. To help build strength it is crucial that you work your full body. The workout today will focus on three major muscle groups: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders.

  • Stretch

The workout will be focused into three separate mini-workouts so you’ll be at the gym for quite a while. The workout will consists of a mix of each body group throughout rather than completing each muscle group consecutively. The workout formula will consist of two light weighted reps with high rep range, followed by three x medium weight and medium rep range and finally five x heavy weight a small rep range.

Small rep range would be like so 2 x 20-25 (light weight)

Medium rep range would be like so 3 x 10-15 (medium weight)

Heavy rep range would be like so 5 x 4-8 (heavy weight)

The workout goes as follows:

  • Dumbbell chest press, Overhead Tricep Extensions with plate and shoulder shrugs: complete all exercises consecutively following the 2×20-25, 3×10-15 and 5×4-8. So your workout would go like such: chest press + overhead extensions + shrugs then a little rest and continue the workout until completion.
  • Bench-press, tricep pull downs on a cable machine, bench/dumbbell shoulder press following the same workout formula

Remember all these workouts are completed like super-sets one after each other.

Day Three

Following the same formula as Day two you will now be working the last remaining major muscle groups, Legs, Back and Biceps.

  • Stretch
  • Barbell Squats, Barbell rows and dumbbell curls
  • Mix of gym machines for legs, Deadlifts and barbell curls.

Day Four

See Day One

Day Five

This is where you work on your mma style training. Unfortunately there is no workout that works for this and you’ll need to join a local class or group.

Day Six

Day six is quite a nice and relaxing day, you’ll be heading to your local swimmers for a swim for around an hour then followed by around thirty minutes in the sauna/steam room.

Repeat this workout for around 6-10 weeks.

Day Seven

Rest day, put your feet up and go watch some YouTube videos on workouts and plan ahead for your next routines after you complete this one.