The majority of companies operate their social goals under a ‘CSR’, however here at Beast Clothing we believe that to operate socially the whole business has to be involved. The Beast Clothing fashion brand was set up as a social business. The fashion brand’s social goal is to inspire health and fitness in local communities. To do this we operate our business under a one-for-one business model. The company will be donating sporting equipment to local communities whenever a purchase is made whether big or small you’ll be helping someone in need.

The way our business will work is seen below:

  • Buy some great Beast Clothing merchandise
  • Tell your friends about us
  • If you’ve an idea on who you think deserves some new sports equipment get in touch
  • We’ll find a local community group
  • We’ll get in touch and see what they need the most
  • We’ll source some of the stuff they need based on our budget
  • We’ll organise a day to donate our goods
  • We’ll put up an article on how we helped that community group
  • You can help us grow and help more people by sharing the article
  • Then you come back and buy more of our great Beast Clothing to help your local communities again.