Jason Momoa’s Workout Routine

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Jason Momoa’s Workout Routine

Jason Momoa’s Workout Routine is fuelled by his increasingly intense movie roles. Jason Momoa is a growing actor taking on more and more incredible roles every year. The Jason Momoa Workout has to be credited for his fantastic physique in every role he plays. Jason Momoa became a world wide sensation after his amazing performance in the Game of Thrones where he played the infamous Khal Drogo and from there on the Jason Momoa Workout was wanted by all. Have a look at his amazing physique as Khal Drogo in the video below:

Since then Jason Momoa has begun picking up more and more amazing roles and stunned audiences with his fantastic performances. The mot recent performance that his everyone talking about him is his role in the upcoming lead in Aquaman and his features in the accredited Justice League.

As you can see the Jason Momoa Workout has amazing results. The workout isn’t emphasised on the traditional ripped physique but rather emphasises on size. As a result Jason Momoa’s body looks amazing and fits his character well. The Jason Momoa¬† workout and diet is a little different than what other actors would be undertaking in the majority of his roles. Although it has to be said that the actor is amazingly ripped in his role for Conan The Barbarian thanks to Movie.info for the picture, that you can see for the main image of the article. If we take a look at his more recent roles we can see a significant change in his physique like the image to the left. The Jason Momoa workout and diet has been modified as a result. Jason Momoa reminds us of the average guy more than most movie stars, he’s been quoted as saying ”You need to eat big and lift big. But I prefer to eat as much lean meat as possible green veggies as possible and save the calories for Guinness.” Yes you read that right a holiday actor who speaks about his love for Guinness, when we think of actors diets for movie roles we expect intense diets and hard workouts, but here’s Jason Momoa stating that he’s human and loves a drink of Guinness even during his training for his amazing roles. Showing how he’s just like everyone else and showing us just how well we can get in shape.

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The Jason Momoa Workout Routine – Aquaman

For every role Jason Momoa takes on he changes up his workout. This is something important to take into consideration when creating your own workouts. It’s always good to change things up every few months.

The Aquaman Workout

For the role of Aquaman Jason Momoa’s Workout routine was fixed around what he loves, rock climbing. During his youth Jason Momoa loved to rock climb and with training for his latest role his personal trainer decided to incorporate what he loved into his workouts. Jason Momoa would exercise around 2-3 times per week rock climbing. After hitting his rock climbing session he would immediately overload those muscle groups (back, biceps and forearms) with a workout after the climb. This meant that those muscle groups would only be being worked out on those days and helped reduce the risk of injury. On the other days then the Jason Momoa workout was focused on hitting the other major muscle groups such as legs, shoulders and chest. Theres a more in detail workout over at Men’s health.