New year new me fitness workout

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New year new me fitness workout

The old cliche, the new year new me fitness resolution. Let me test my physic abilities for a moment; you’re Just after that big holiday feed, ate enough chocolate to comatose yourself for another year and drank that much alcohol you think you should sign yourself up for an AA meeting; and you’ve just looked in the mirror for the first time in about three weeks and decided this year is the year you’re going to loss the weight.

Here’s some advise

I’m one of those guys who hates everyone’s new year resolutions, not because of the sudden influx of people in my gym, but because of the lack of motivation and knowledge of the newcomers. What i hate most of all is when people come to the gym because they feel they have to, the gym isn’t a chore and it shouldn’t be treated like it is. The gym is somewhere you can come to to feel good about yourself. The gym is a place you relieve stress and unwind. So before you decide to make your new year new me resolution, make sure you’re in the right mindset! If you’re just planning on going for a few months becuase everyone else seems to do so then just don’t waste your time. But if you’re really prepared to focus and put the effort in then here’s some advice:

  • Get prepared: Before you go to the gym and look like a lost soul, take the time to watch some YouTube videos and do some research. There’s nothing worse than going into a packed gym and not knowing what to do. You should always do some research and plan your workout. I wish I had of known this little trick before joining the gym four years ago, I went in without a clue and just started doing everything and anything. Looking back at it now I must of looked like an idiot. But you don’t have to be me, you can learn from my experiences; just plan ahead and organise a workout! It’ll make you feel better about entering the gym and it’ll help you stick to the gym in the long run!
  • Get the right gym clothes: cough cough buy some beast clothing merchandise. But seriously, don’t be going to the gym in the wrong gear. Especially since it’s the new year and the gym will be pretty packed as a result. So, get some lightweight gear on and get prepared for the new year new you in the right frame of mind. I’ve been to the gym in January quite a few years now and you best bet it’ll be a lot warmer than you think with the sudden influx of the ‘newbies’.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice: The gym is a place for you to be social, one tip before I go any further is: DON’T TALK TO THE GUYS WITH HEADPHONES, they’re wearing them for a reason. They don’t want to be disturbed. In all honestly though if you look a little lost people will usually approach you and ask you if you need help even the guys with headphones on, we’re all nice people. But yeah if someone’s in the same gym area as you and THEY AREN’T MID SET feel free to ask them a question, they’ll love to give you some advice. So don’t be afraid to communicate with your fellow gym goers.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day: and neither was that guy or girl with a sick toned body and great muscles. So don’t be disheartened when you don’t see mega gains after your first day, week or even month. It takes time to get in shape. You should see some gains in the weight you’re able to rep with within a few weeks so focus on that! The gains will come later.
  • The diet: everyone knows that the gym isn’t going to work wonders without the right diet. If truth be told the ratio is around 70/30 with diet being the most important aspect of working out. Now a bit of advice, dieting doesn’t mean starving! It means eating the right foods for you. Depending on your body type and gym goals. Unfortunately everyone is different so I can’t give you a set diet that’ll work for you; and everyone prefers different foods. What you already know though is that beer, crisps, chocolate and sweets are bad for you and need to be reduced if you want to see some progress. AND FAST FOOD. seriously next time you’re about to buy from a fast food joint just check the calorie contents of the meals. you’ll be shocked. I’ll be hopefully developing a much ore in depth post on dieting at a later stage so stay tuned.

Lastly I’d just like to finish off by wishing you all good luck with your health and fitness adventure.