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Social Enterprise Example: Beast Clothing

Beast Clothing are a modern day social enterprise example. Beast Clothing are a social enterprise example because we are devoted to our social goal of investing in health and fitness in local communities. Our humble origins are what make us special. Beast Clothing was born out of a lack of social enterprise companies in the fashion industry. Beast clothing take a different approach to their social enterprise activities. Here at Beast Clothing we are dedicated to investing in our local communities and giving back to those in need around our local areas. The Beast Clothing business model is based around a one-for-one business model. With every purchase of Beast Clothing merchandise you will be helping someone in need, we even encourage people to get in touch and submit local community groups that they believe need our help.


Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise activities are what drives the business forward. We strive to encourage everyone of all ages to get involved in fitness in their local communities. With the ever growing digital technologies we believe that it is getting harder and harder to get people involved in exercise and keeping themselves fit and healthy. The fact that in the majority of cases people can’t afford to pay premium prices to keep healthy also creates major issues for the health and fitness in all ages across the United Kingdom. This is why we strive to invest in those local community groups at the heart of communities across the United Kingdom and provide them with the fitness equipment they need to operate and help those in their local communities.


Although we are a social enterprise and operate as a leading social enterprise example in the United Kingdom fashion is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be different and grow in the fashion industry. Our clothing items are what fuels our social enterprise forward and what helps us survive as a business and that’s why we’re dedicated to being one of the top flight fashion brands. Our fashion is fuelled by creativity with a splice of fitness. We strive to grow our fashion label forward and encourage more businesses in the industry to adopt a social goals and invest back into the communities. 


Our fashion and social goals drive us forward but our market is the fitness industry. We were born out of fitness fashion and our brand will continue to create fitness clothing throughout it’s lifetime to help our social goals. The fitness fashion industry is growing into a number of different areas, streetwear fashion is now crossed over with fitness and we’ll continue to help it grow with our creative and stylish designs.

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